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Step Ramp FAQ

What is the weight rating?

The weight rating on the StepRamp is 350 lbs on the step side and 500 lbs on the ramp side.

What is the recommended load height?

The recommended load height (the height of the truck bed or trailer) for the SR-B5 ramp is from 30" at the lowest to 38" at the highest with the optimal height at 34". The recommended load height for the SR-B6 ramp is from 36" at the lowest to 44" at the highest with the optimal height at 40". This range covers the vast majority of truck beds except for extremely tall lifted trucks.

What size ramp should I get?

There are a variety of factors to consider when purchasing a loading ramp, but the most critical is the height of the truck bed that you will be using to transport your motorbikes, and how that effects the angle that the ramp will at be during use. We've made a handy angle estimator to help get an idea of how that will look on your truck. Once you've measured the height of your truck's bed, click here to use the ramp angle estimator.

Do you make a longer ramp for very tall trucks?

Currently we make two ramps. We have a 6' long StepRamp and a 7' long StepRamp. These two ramps cover the vast majority of bed heights - anything from 30" up to 44".

What are the dimensions of the StepRamp?

The SR-B5 ramp dimensions are:

The SR-B6 ramp dimensions are:

Can I load from either side?

The steps on the StepRamp are permanently affixed to the left of the ramp, so bikes will always be loaded with the person standing to the left of the motorcycle. If more than one bike needs to be loaded see the next question.

How do I load more than one bike?

The ramp can easily be moved from side to side along a tailgate to accommodate loading multiple bikes. To load a second or third bike you simply move the ramp slightly to the left or right as needed to clear the first bike, making sure to reattach and tighten the safety strap before loading each bike. Video example is shown here.

Can I load a street bike / Harley with the StepRamp?

The ramps were designed primarily for dirt bikes, motocross bikes, and other high ground clearance motorcycles like adventure bikes, but not necessarily for Harley's or street bikes. The issue you may have with street bikes is their low ground clearance. The ramp has a suggested safe load height range (bed or trailer height) of 30-38". When set up in that range a street bike may not have enough ground clearance to get over the edge of the truck bed and could get hung up / high-centered. If you are attempting to load into a lower trailer or truck bed than recommended, the steps will be angled too far downward and will be awkward and potentially dangerous to be stepping on as your feet could easily slide down through. For this reason we do NOT recommend using a StepRamp to load street bikes.

How are the ramps shipped?

The ramps are shipped via UPS or FedEx ground freight.

What is the warranty?

The StepRamp has a 5 year limited warranty.

Do you ship Internationally?

Please contact us through our contact form here for International inquiries or any other questions.

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